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Available in our Retainer Plans

These awesome services are available in our Retainer Plans. Please check our plans below for what’s available in each.

Website Content Updates

Updating text on a webpage, adding an image, posting a news article or blog post. We’ll do it properly so search engines can find your website better.

Social Media Updates

Interacting with your customers online is vital for any type of business today. We can create and schedule your posts with fresh content weekly.  

Website Traffic Analysis

Still figuring out who visits your website and what happens when they get there? We can help analyze your data and serve the right info to your visitors and clients.

Banner Ads & Graphics

We have the expertise and design skills to help you promote your products & services attractively and effectively online. Provide the direction, and we’ll take care of the rest for you.

Short Video & Animation

Nothing is more viral than videos. We can create short video clips or GIFs for your social media accounts and website. Captivate & engage your online community.

Lead Capture & List Management

Let us assist you to laser focus your marketing efforts by collecting the right data about your visitors, and delivering only the most relevant info to your different subscriber lists.

Process + Automation

With these Process + Automation modules, we’ll handle all your day-to-day time-consuming mundane tasks and let you focus on running your business efficiently.

Lead Generation Funnel

Do you have a brick and mortar business? If so, how often do you welcome potential buyers who walk-in? Now, ever wonder who visits your website? 


Your website is an extension of your business. Many shoppers stop in and browse your products and services unannounced. Shouldn’t you welcome them the same way you would offline before they decide to leave? 


Our well-crafted solution allows you to do just that! We map out and guide new leads to your website and direct them to connect to you for more information. 


Increase your sales conversion today by contacting us for details. We’re here to help!

Your sales process is not linear. In fact, it is a cycle. You create and present your product to potential buyers. Buyers review your offer and decide to act. In return, you deliver as promised and your new customers leave happy with their new purchase. 


But have you thought about getting more leads before you set these new customers into the sunset? 


Our carefully planned funnel takes control of your marketing. We look at your process after the completed sale and recommend a plan to get your customers talking about you in a positive way. As an added bonus, we can get them to recommend your business to others. Full sales and marketing circle. 


Find out how we can help your business today.

Customer Analysis Funnel

Understanding who and why people buy are key ingredients in online marketing. We can assist to get you better insights on current and potential buyers by creating surveys, polls, quizzes and bots to name a few. Wouldn’t you’d like to know how to improve your products and services, and offer a better customer experience? 


Reach us for details today and see what difference we can make with your customer service.

Customer Engagement Funnel

We understand the amount of attention required in promoting your business and trying to stay engaged with potential customers online. It can be a time-consuming and frustrating experience if you don’t have the staff, expertise and availability to answer immediate questions – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 


Our carefully crafted chat sequences and well planned paths can guide your visitors to your sales page, answer frequently asked questions, and even help them book a call or an appointment with you. How cool is that?


Learn more how you can improve your online engagement and convert visitors to prospective buyers today.

*Because of the constantly evolving nature and trends in online marketing, new sales & marketing tools will be added periodically when they become available. Use of the individual tools are subject to the needs of your campaign promotions. Licenses for all of the sales & marketing tools used on your websites are owned and operated by RCC Graphic Designs and are non-transferable. Last check Jan 2018, current licenses for Sales & Marketing tools valued at CAD$13,044 per year per website account. 

Choose The Right Plan for Your Business

Whether you’re a busy bee or a set-it-and-forget-it kind, pick the right plan that works for your organization.


Ideal for Regular or Brochure websites

Free set-up & integration to website

Website Traffic Analysis

Website Content Updates

E-mail & Ticket Support

Monthly Status Updates

Banner Ads & Graphics

Free royalty-free stock photos provided

Reputation Management Funnel


Ideal for Large or E-commerce / Membership websites

Everything in PRO

Social Media Updates

Short Video & Animation (~1 video request per month)

Lead Generation Funnel

Customer Analysis Funnel

Interactive Chat Funnel

…more Sales+Marketing Funnels will be added soon.

*Sign up for Annual on any of our plans and receive 2 months off. Please ask about our Build-For-You Plans for website design & development, and our Manage-For-You Plans for website hosting & maintenance. Premium license subscriptions may apply. Ask us for details.


Frequently Asked Questions

Still unclear with what you’re getting? Ask away using our live chat or e-mail us at for more information.

Is website hosting included with my Retainer Plan?

Our Website Hosting & Management Plans (dubbed Managed-For-You services) is separate from our Retainer Plans (also known as Done-For-You services). 


If your business is too busy or lack certain expertise and prefer us to take care of all of your online needs, our Retainer Plans can help you. 


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Is email marketing included in my Retainer Plan?

Unfortunately, we need to keep this service separate from our Premium Retainer Plan since there are costs associated and factors to consider when mass emailing, such as the total number of subscribers in your mailing lists, ongoing management of subscriptions, email authentication, and spam prevention. Please contact us for details on this service.


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Is print design included with my Retainer Plan?

Graphic design for print and marketing collaterals takes some planning, time and expertise to accomplish successfully to meet your goals. We will need to send you an estimate first to determine the costs to deliver the project to you on time.

If you have a project in mind already, please speak to us first to figure out what’s involved and how we can make this happen for you.


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Which type of website updates are included with my Retainer Plan?

Website updates are included within the terms of our Retainer Plan. However, new features, pages, and sections will require custom programming to complete. Please speak to us first about your project and we’ll do our best to provide you with a reasonable estimate before proceeding.


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Can I see examples of the sales & marketing tools?

Absolutely, some of them are currently active now on our website.


For a quick demo, please contact Rommel to show you some of the current tools we have available and the cost savings you’ll receive annually through our Premium Plan.


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If I go over the allotted 60 hours per year, do I get charge the usual overage fee?

No, as promised in our Retainer Plans’ agreement, you will not be charged for any overages. We’ve decided to offer this plan without the overages to make sure projects and campaigns are done successfully with no compromises. Besides, who likes doing paperwork?


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The premium plan offers social media updates, what does this mean?

There are two types of online content, Topical and Evergreen.


Topical content are usually updates on events that happened recently in your business. They can be a new product launch, a promotional sale, a new hire, community fundraising, etc.


Evergreen content are typically more informational and beneficial to your audience. They can be a list of something useful to them, a how-to guide, an industry-related article, or anything viral that is related to your business. Evergreen content has to expiration and a great source of recurring traffic, unlike a time-sensitive topical post.


We will be in charge of finding, curating, and posting relevant evergreen articles for your social media accounts, while you focus on your business. You can either post topical content on your social media on your own, or opt to jazz it up by sending it to us to post for you with visually appealing graphics and tags for SEO.


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With my Premium plan, do I really get unlimited hours?

In a way, that is correct! We want you to be successful. Based on our experience managing client accounts, setting hourly limits is counterproductive, and often leads to ineffective marketing campaigns and frustrations. 


Your plan is subject to a review annually if you are constantly going over the 60 allotted hours per year. At this time, we can discuss adjustments to your plan. This ensures that your marketing is successful throughout the year and we’re able to continue to provide superior services to our valued clients like you. 


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